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  • Real time data streams
  • Ground Station Hosting
  • Dishes up to 9.1m
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Stream channels and media directly from the source to your device

Using our UK based data centre and distribution network, we work with individuals and organisations such as hotels and holiday parks to establish IPTV and satellite data streams.


A superior alternative to cable, IPTV is used for distributing live TV, radio and stored video such as on-demand or pay-per-view to end users.

The content is streamed through the internet via our own privately-managed network to customers across the globe to provide access to high-quality and reliable digital entertainment.

Even with the advent of the Internet, many ultra high availability business data functions still use the broad multicast nature of satellite to reliably deliver data.

From free to air channels to weather data streams or more niche content, we can convert digital satellite data into IPTV enabling us to distribute a large variety of content via the Internet without compromising on the final quality.

Success Story

Delivering a real time data stream

Green Co hosted a 2.4m dish aligned to the customer's satellite to ensure the data was real time and available 24x7.

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