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Fast, reliable and affordable broadband for your home

Using our own local network, you can benefit from best-fit solutions.

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Can I get broadband?

If you’re in one of our network areas, you could have faster broadband installed within days. If you’re not, give us a call and we could make it happen in weeks.


  • Outstanding customer service
  • 24/7 support
  • Low cost
  • Speeds of 30-1000Mb
  • No buffering
  • Rural & remote broadband

Key features

Our own network
Community broadband
Fibre to the premises
Fixed wireless broadband

Using our own network, we have the flexibility and know-how to provide connectivity solutions that others often can’t.

We provide a reliable, high-quality and fast connection to hundreds of homeowners, including those in rural and remote areas.

Using our own local network means we’re in full control so you can benefit from best-fit solutions whether looking for a high-speed connection for your home or a rural community broadband project.

If broadband is not currently available in your town, street or even apartment building, we can provide your community with a cost effective solution, complete with 24/7 support.

We’ve already successfully worked with various communities to deliver reliable and robust internet services, from supply and installation to ongoing support. We also offer advice on available schemes and grants to help facilitate each project.

Perfect for families using multiple devices or those working from home and require fast speeds with no risk of down time.

Fibre to the Premises (FTTP) offers a dedicated fibre connection straight to your home so you can benefit from superfast, high performance and reliable broadband without interruption.

An alternative solution for rural and remote areas that don’t have the necessary infrastructure for other broadband services.

Using fixed wireless broadband, the internet signal is transmitted from a central access point via high-speed fibre-optic cables to wirelessly connect businesses and homes.

Success Story

Achieving faster home broadband for Portsmouth development

Delivering faster broadband to a high spec development in Portsmouth.

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If you want to have a chat about how Green Co could help you, give Ricky a call on 01329 800944 or send an email.

Whether you’ve got a clear idea of what you need or just want to talk about your challenges and some possible solutions, we’re here to help.