Residential Rural Broadband

Rural Broadband Services in Hampshire


Offering fast, reliable and great value internet for rural Hampshire and surrounding areas

If you live in a rural area and you’re tired of waiting for your village or region’s broadband infrastructure to be updated, there is an alternative to the mainstream providers.

We deliver fast and reliable internet connectivity to rural areas with broadband speeds of up to 30Mb for just £30 per month. The set up cost is just £75 and your line includes unlimited usage.

Green Co Rural Broadband Coverage Map

If you are in an area with a poor broadband service and want to do something about it please contact us today. The solution is a fixed wireless option and can be delivered with a dish that is generally smaller than a satellite dish.

Complete the contact form below so we can check your current coverage and get in touch with details on how we can speed up your internet connection.

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