The best Internet connection technology and packages to suit your business and budget requirements

Connectivity is key to most businesses in today’s technology age, if you can’t e-mail, call or video conference when you should, time starts to being wasted… the same can issues occur when you don’t have sufficient speed.

The true cost of poor internet is often under estimated, when the internet hinders a work force it can

  • Slow business operations
  • Impact communication and customer service
  • Frustrate staff
  • Limit growth
  • Disrupt VoIP calls
  • Prevent cloud-based services

Many businesses don’t appreciate how critical their Internet connection is, many want more bandwidth, but the costs can appear to outweigh the benefits, especially if you need more upload bandwidth which most DSL offerings wion’t provide.

The Green Co Internet team can provide the right business internet connectivity to suit your needs and budget.

Your Options: Comparing Internet Connectivity Technology

BT Openreach Copper Line Based DSL offerings (Ethernet over Fibre to the Cabinet)

There are now numerous services being offered via BT Openreaches exchange and PSTN network, all using the old copper phone lines for the service.

They’re all shared with differing restrictions on upload bandwidth and sometimes usage caps. They all have ‘standard care’ a two day time window for repairs. If the service stops working for any reason its down the end user to report it.

Most of these services are only suitable for small (<15 person) offices or a backup connection.

They’re all ‘up to’ services where the performance can degrade over time or fall short of the headline figure.

Most SME’s consider these their only options.

  • EoFTTC – Ethernet over Fibre to the cabinet
  • ADSL – Copper from the exchange – the original broadband
  • ADSL2 – Copper from the exchange, better speeds and longer distances
  • FTTC – Fibre to the cabinet – then copper to your premises
  • FTTP – Fibre to the Premises – direct fibre to your property.
  • EFTM – Ethernet First Mile, bonded or bundled ADSL2
  • Typical costs from £50 to £200 per month


Leased line

A leased line is different, this is a dedicated connection between your business and your ISP, it is monitored 24×7 and all the bandwidth on the line is yours, if there is a fault it’ll be looked into within 4 hours 24×7.

  • Fibre dedicated to you
  • A 100Mb Leased line has 100Mb of bandwidth no ‘up to’
  • There is no ‘up to’ it’ll always work at 100% of its headline speed
  • Bearer speeds of 100Mb, 1000Mb or 10,000Mb/s
  • Same download and upload speed
  • High capacity, 50+ users, 4k video streaming, cloud, VoIP
  • Typical costing £400 per month

While a Leased Line is what most companies need, surprisingly few pay the premium, the good news is costs are coming down, but companies don’t always place enough value on their internet connection. We’ve become to familiar with cheap fast residential services, why should business cost so much more?

GTTC (Gigabit to the Client) or Green Spot

We realised a gap in the market, people need a Leased Line, but the cost is still too high, so we launched GTTC, Gigabit to the client. We simply install nano exchanges near our customers, we bring in a high capacity (typically 10G) link and then from the nano exchange run 1Gb links to customers. We can offer all the benefits of a Leased line, without the costs

  • Gigabit means 1000Mb/s – 28 times faster than EFM
  • Line goes back to our Green Spots closest to your premises, not the exchange
  • Standard speed is 1000Mb/s
  • Bandwidth from 50Mb available
  • Bespoke deployment of fixed symmetrical speeds (1000Mb/s up and 1000Mb/s down)
  • Exclusive business service
  • Suitable for businesses suffering from poor availability
  • A 50Mb/s connection with us costs less than 35Mb/s EFM circuit
  • Starting from £100 per month

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