Every business relies on communication

VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) telephone communications offer a reliable service which bypasses traditional telephones to allow calls to be sent via the internet to any phone in the world.

  • Increased reliability – make calls whenever and wherever you have connectivity
  • Increased security – your calls are securely encoded and not accessible via a public network
  • Increased savings – your call costs are reduced by a competitive open market of multiple carriers and you do not have to pay line rental to BT
  • Increased functionality – Call recording, DTMF, Soft buttons, inter-branch calling
  • Increased flexibility – a phone or app can be connected anywhere in the world so you can always make calls as if you were in your own office

The Green Co Internet team can provide advice on everything from features (such as voicemail, call recording, hold music and dual tone multi frequency call (DTMF) routing) to handsets to ensure you receive the best value from your VoIP platform.

Our carefully managed migration process is gradual, controlled and well managed, we also include staff training to minimise the impact to your business.

We can offer hosted VoIP (you provide the phones, no PBX) or a fully managed PBX and Softphones, Cisco VoIP phones including full support, maintenance, next business day replacement and 24×7 PBX management.

Find out more about our communication solutions by contacting a member of our team today.

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