Take steps to reduce carbon emissions

21st August 2017

We were delighted to read the news that the Climate Group’s RE100 initiative announced that it had reached 100 members, all multinational corporations that are pledging a commitment to 100% renewable power. The fact that so many large corporations are making the commitment is a positive step for the environment, both in terms of the overall reduction in the global carbon footprint but also in the role these organisations play as influencers on the wider business community.

You may think that if you’re not up there with the Carlsbergs and the Burberrys of the world then what your business does has no impact on the environment. However, that is not the case. Every individual and even the smallest business can take steps which contribute to the reduction of carbon emissions, with the aim of addressing climate change. Technology has provided options which help SMEs reduce their carbon footprint – and often have a positive impact on the bottom line and the company’s brand.

Colocation services can be a way of reducing your electricity bill and your carbon emissions at the same time. By housing your servers at a specialist data centre, you can be assured that the hardware will be stored in an energy efficient way, and offers the benefits of being well-maintained and secure. This can often be achieved at a lower cost than running the servers in your own office, as well as offering both environmental and technological benefits.

Connectivity and integrated communications can also play a part in reducing your company’s carbon footprint. A faster and more reliable internet connection means smoother video conferencing and less need to travel; VoIP technology means that staff can make and receive calls on their office line wherever they are, as long as they have an internet connection. This not only cuts the associated carbon emissions related to people commuting to work, it also allows you to retain staff by offering flexible working without a reduction in services.

Working with environmentally focussed suppliers can also help you reduce your carbon footprint. This is evident in technology because it is, by nature, often power-hungry but if you begin to assess all suppliers on environmental measures then it can all add up to a very positive impact on the environment. Not to mention, you won’t be alone in thinking about the carbon emissions of suppliers – if you can demonstrate your company’s extensive measures in every aspect of the business which has led to reduced emissions, then you may be lining yourself up for more business opportunities. This can help you grow your business in a way that is both financially and environmentally sustainable.


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