Location, Location, Location

2nd June 2017

In today’s cloud-powered world, how important is the physical location of the data centre? We look at the advantages of implementing colocation with a local data centre.

Peace of Mind

Colocation can be a big step for companies used to managing all their hardware in-house and the chance to get to really know the staff and operations at the data centre can inspire the confidence needed to successfully deliver the project. If the data centre is in a location close to business operations, you can go and see the facility, and visit more than once to put your mind at rest.

Security and Reassurance

For anyone who has direct responsibility for data security or maintaining the integrity of a company’s IT architecture, it’s important to be able to see the necessary security measures for yourself. Being able to visit frequently means that clients can witness the facility’s security in action.

Ease of Access

One of the primary advantages of colocation is that it allows companies to retain control over all their hardware whilst delegating aspects such as security and HVAC requirements to the data centre. However, that control becomes true in theory more than in practice if it is difficult for IT staff to access the hardware to work on the system directly due to the location. Whether to perform regular checks, initiate upgrades or correct an issue, a team will want to work directly on the servers from time to time and it’s going to make a big difference to the frequency of the visits – not to mention the balance of the expense reports – if the data centre isn’t situated locally.


The fact that it’s easy to visit during the sales process and after implementation leads to another benefit of a local data centre. You are likely to have the time and access to build up a strong relationship with the provider and their expert team. They’ll have a better understanding of your requirements and should any problems arise, are likely to offer more understanding and proactive solutions than a faceless engineer on a standard helpdesk number.

Reduced Carbon Footprint

Of course, at Green Co we’d also highlight that reduced distances for staff to travel also contribute to the reduction of an organisation’s carbon footprint. This is an issue we care about a great deal, which is why we operate our low carbon data centre in Hampshire as we help all our clients operate a greener IT infrastructure.

Find out more about our Hampshire colocation centre and how it will benefit your business by calling a member of our team now on 01329 808404.

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