The invisible foundations of IT

31st July 2017

Most people’s views about the effective IT of any particular technology is related to their personal experience – if their laptop takes time to download, for example, they may think their machine is running slowly and a poor telephone connection may be blamed on the phone. The likelihood, however, is that it is the IT infrastructure behind the scenes that makes the biggest difference to the user experience.

We’ve written before about the importance of connectivity for effective IT provision, and services like VoIP rely on this to deliver telephony via the internet. However, that’s not the only aspect of the technical architecture that is sometimes hidden behind a curtain and forgotten about. We maintain a secure, high-tech data centre to provide colocation services to companies across the South Coast. People may not be able to see the tangible results of our fully air-conditioned facility or the effects of our 24/7 monitoring but they’d soon notice if their server overheated and there was no one there to address the problem.

Another invisible layer of IT infrastructure and provision can be found in an organisation’s IT policies. This ranges from vital aspects such as a robust disaster recovery plan to training staff on the methods and means of saving and preserving data. There is no point in having a highly secure and reliable data storage back up if no one ever saves anything to it. Even the most seamless disaster recovery solution will face a challenge if files are saved on damaged terminals instead of network drives.

The challenge that many IT service providers face is that much of what they do is hidden behind the scenes. Although that is unlikely to change, it’s important that a robust and reliable technical architecture has been developed to support a company’s IT provision, even if no one is looking at it. It’s important to ensure that you invest as much in the backroom technology as you would in the latest workstations or telephony solutions because every aspect of your IT provision works together to deliver value.

We work with service providers to deliver the technical foundations for world class colocation services through our data centre and the great value, high-speed connectivity that can be the most vital component in any provision. We know not everyone sees the work that goes on behind the scenes, but we also know that people would notice if we didn’t do it.

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