Need faster internet connection, ask your staff!

12th June 2017

A slow or unstable internet connection has a measurable negative impact on productivity. For example, you can measure the potential lost sales from an outage, or even the delays caused to processes due to slow connections or transfer speeds. However, there is an additional cost to a slow connection which many business owners do not currently price into their calculations, and that’s the impact on staff motivation.

In the last blog, we looked at how a slow internet connection can impact delivery of good customer service and in that, we touched on how a poor connection can often prevent staff from doing the best possible job for the customer. Even the most motivated of employees will soon get frustrated if, despite their best efforts, they are constantly tripped up by a system which can’t deliver what they’re trying to do. The chances are their motivation will decrease, and this will further impact customer service levels or possibly even mean that they leave and seek a new role, taking all their knowledge and enthusiasm with them.

It’s not just front-line staff that are impacted by these issues. Any department that uses cloud-based services may be facing delays which have a knock-on effect on both productivity and motivation. We all know the frustration of the seemingly interminable “spinning wheel” while we wait for a page to load. It’s not just the time it takes for uploads and downloads, it’s the additional time as someone gets distracted or goes for a cup of tea while they wait, adding another five or ten minutes to the overall delay. If staff are trying to fix an issue in real time, waiting for emails to be sent and received or a cloud sharing platform to refresh again cause a delay in the conversation, which may move off track or lose momentum.

That’s why, if you want to know whether your current internet connection is meeting the needs of your business, you might want to ask your staff. Green Co has a range of solutions to cope with different budgets and levels of demand. Get a quote online or speak to a member of our knowledgeable team to find out more about which option would work best for you.

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