How your internet connection impacts customer service

25th May 2017

Recent data from the British Chambers of Commerce suggest that almost a quarter of UK small businesses are currently constrained by the lack of a reliable, high speed internet connection. The business community is campaigning for more to be done on this issue to improve productivity, but there is another aspect of the business which has the internet at its foundation and that’s customer service.

A slow connection, power outages or a lack of up to date information can frustrate customers in several ways. If your website runs slowly, many prospective buyers will get bored, frustrated or distracted and move on to somewhere else. If someone calls a customer service representative and even basic enquiries are met with delays because of a system loading or limited access to cloud services, they could decide to go elsewhere even if their personal interaction is positive.

The internet has caused the world to speed up considerably, every aspect of business needs to be carried out in real time and customers expect that to be the case. It can’t be a reasonable excuse to tell a customer who has placed an order that the item they require is no longer in stock and the system takes time to update.

Many customers now expect and appreciate self-service online platforms. This means you need a stable website with full, fast-moving functionality to allow customers to register details, order products, amend their information and even receive or pay invoices.

The rise of online platforms means that there is less of a reliance on telephone helplines and enquiries, but that means that the chances are high that if someone does call, it’s likely to be an emergency or someone keen to resolve an issue quickly. If you use a VOIP connection, you could be missing out on vital calls and frustrating your customers. Even if you’re still using traditional phone lines, if your response relies on cloud systems or accurate stock information from a warehouse, your staff aren’t going to be able to help the customer when they do get through.

Businesses invest a lot of money in getting the right customer service processes in place and this is the right approach. Well-trained staff who are empowered by the right processes to deliver excellent service lead to greater customer retention, more recommendations and the growth of your business. However, along with the soft skills needed, it’s important to look at the infrastructure that underpins the delivery. You might have the best customer service team in the world but if they’re let down by a slow internet connection, you could still be losing customers.

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