Connectivity is the key to smooth IT provision

22nd May 2017

When developing an effective IT infrastructure, the most important element maybe invisible. Reliable hardware and software solutions that allow you to achieve your goals as a business are important, but you can’t make the most of that investment unless you have good internet connectivity.

If you have an e-commerce platform or employ SaaS applications such as SalesForce or Marketo to manage customer interactions, your business may literally grind to a halt if you’re lacking the connectivity to process orders efficiently. Customers may abandon a purchase if they are made to wait too long for an order page to load and even the friendliest customer service representative can’t overcome the frustration of making someone wait repeatedly for a page to load or information to be updated.

Poor connectivity may also cause you to break your promises to customers. If you have a ‘next day delivery’ policy with a specific cut off point, for example, you need the swift transfer of information from the order system to the warehouse to ensure that orders marked for urgent delivery are received and shipped out in time. In addition, the key to great customer service is great communication, and the ability to provide real-time information to customers on the progress of their order can help build trust and brand loyalty.

Many companies now use cloud platforms to deliver any number of functions, from file sharing to accounts, databases and collaboration between team members working in different locations. These can significantly improve productivity across an organisation, but a poor connection can limit the viability of using the latest cloud-based solutions. An unreliable connection may cause problems with version control and slow uploading could also add quite significantly to the amount of time team members spend on a conference call as they wait for files to be shared and updated.

All of the above examples consider the importance of a fast connection, but that’s only half of the story. If speed is vital for a business, so too is reliability. Look again at all those examples where a slow connection impedes business processes and productivity and imagine if that connection were constantly being stalled or severed.

Businesses lose money for every minute that their internet connection is down and that’s why connectivity should be at the heart of every business strategy.

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