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2nd March 2017

Cloud backup services have become a popular choice recently, and although they have some benefits, data security is not their strong point. With secure hosting at a UK data centre, such as our Hampshire colocation, you always know the location of your business data and the state of your IT security. Secure hosting is of upmost importance to businesses, which is why we ensure we make it our top priority.

Where is your business data?

When you use cloud services you cannot guarantee data security, the owner and/or operator of the platform as well as their staff will always have access to your business data. We have talked to customers who have fallen victim to the US loophole that can leave business data open to interception from across the pond. When using such a service, which was in theory based in a certain location online, their data was accessible to US law enforcers. While the US-based cloud computing company maintained cloud backups, their authorities were able to use the company’s US offices to access UK based data without breaking the law.

Companies now have to notify users in the EU if their data is going to be stored on a server in the US, but it will be a while until we understand all of the risks cloud computing can present to secure hosting. A colocation such as ours has more control over who has access to your data and is able to monitor services more accurately and securely.

Keeping your data protected

As a business it is your responsibility to know where your business data is being held and who has access to it. It is important for every business to have a good data backup strategy in place and to make regular backups to a remote site – in case of instances such as fire and theft at your regular office location. But many businesses fail to quantify where these remote backups take place.

Another risk is the possibility of major outages to large cloud systems. In the past this happened to one large company in quite a devastating way, disrupting services for many of their business customers and seriously damaging the company’s reputation.

In some instances, a hybrid cloud infrastructure (combining private cloud and public cloud services) is a good solution but, more often than not, employing the services of a trusted UK data centre, such as Green Co, is the safest choice. Find out more about our Hampshire colocation and our secure hosting and cloud backup services today.

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