Connectivity for tenants in Port Solent

23rd October 2017

We talk a lot about how fast reliable broadband is a vital utility for businesses but the reality is, it’s essential in our homes, too. Many people work from home, and we rely on the internet for everything from shopping and keeping up with friends to streaming the latest addictive TV series. We recently worked on a project in Port Solent which is a great example of the work we do, and the benefit we can deliver to the infrastructure.

A new-build block of 76 flats in Port Solent was struggling with its internet speed. There was no Virgin connection available and FTTC was not an option. As a result, the tenants experienced very slow broadband of <2Mb/s ADSL over the existing telephone lines. Many people relied on 4G connectivity, which can be temperamental and often costly. We became aware of the problems caused by this situation when one of the tenants got in touch to see if we could help. After a brief chat, we could see that this wasn’t an issue for one person, or happening in just a handful of the flats and the underlying infrastructure had to be addressed.

We got in contact with the management company to work with them on a solution which provided improved connectivity. The benefit to them was clear; these flats would be more desirable with an excellent provision of what is now an essential factor for people when deciding where to move. A survey of the building gave us the best solution and we wired up 1G/s connectivity to all of the flats in the block. The great news for tenants was that the management company, recognising the long-term benefits, paid for the installation which meant a vast improvement of their broadband connectivity at no extra cost. In addition, we were able to organise this without any need for the owners’ involvement or inconvenience so the only change for them was a service from 15 – 75 Mb/s with the potential to increase to 1G/s in the future.

Management companies for both business parks and residential properties are starting to recognise that connectivity is an increasingly important factor for people. Whether at work or at home, we’re looking for convenience, simplicity and the chance to grow and improve in the future. We were delighted with the success of the Port Solent project, which left the tenants with a much-improved internet service and the management company with the confidence that they would be supporting happy tenants for many years to come.

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